Why is there a tone(beep) when phone call recording begins?

As of OS 10.3.1, BlackBerry made important changes that affected call recording. When a call is made all other microphones (such as our app), are muted. The only way to unmute them is either to send a tone(a number press, we use *) or to turn the speakerphone on and off. We have decided to add a tone as it is the only one of the choices that we can automate. Without the tone, the recording would be completely silent.

This isn't our preferred solution; however, we've adapted the app as best as we could to the changes in the operating system.

As of Parrot we allow you to blacklist(not record) certain numbers. Your basic voicemail number (if accessed from the phone app at the top left) will already be added to that list. You can add a number to the blacklist in Settings -> Phone Calls -> Blacklist.

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