My recording fails when I attempt to start it

Some devices do not support all of the options in Parrot.


Please try going to Settings (three dots in top right) -> Recording -> Source and set:

- Recording Source: Camcorder
- Channels: Mono

Then go to Settings (three dots in top right) -> Recording -> Quality and set

- Recording Format: WAV (high quality).

Then try again.


You can try playing with these different settings to find which work properly on your device as some devices do not support Stereo recording or the M4A encoding.

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    hi team, i m not able to record properly..when i record something its just giving me just noise nothing else please help to get it corrected asap

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    Samuel Adedoyin Kugbiyi

    Hi Parrot team,
    I have a serious issue with the recorder. Due to the fact that the recorder records but plays noise I've lost some sensitive recordings. I've changed the settings and it worked fine, only for me to record at a later time and it converted my vocals into noise again. Now, is there any way I can convert the noise back to useable sound or is the recorded lost for good? I need help on that. And is there a way the settings I do stay the way I put it so I don't have to keep changing the settings every time I need to do a quick recording... Because the whole thing defeats the purpose of having a simple and reliable recorder.

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    Andrea Colombo

    Dear all, I have bouth the versio pro of Parrot app for my smartphone, but the telephone recording does not work: the only voice recorded is mine, but not the the voice of the person I'm talking with. So it is unuseless.

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