How can I start recording phone calls?

Phone call recording is offered only to Parrot Pro subscribers. 


To start recording phone calls, you must enable the setting:

  • Open Parrot
  • Open the sidebar by tapping the 3 lines in the top left
  • Tap the Phone Calls row
  • Toggle the Record Phone Calls row to on. Users on Android 6.0 and above must grant the app permission to monitor for phone calls at this point.


You can choose to one of 3 settings:

  • Prompt Before Call: Be prompted prior to answering the call to decide whether or not you'd like to record the call.
  • Automatic: Record all calls.
  • Prompt After Call: Be prompted after ending the call to decide whether or not you'd like to record the call.
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  • 0
    Russell Paine

    Have moto g 4 mobile/cellular phone and Parrot pro, it dues not record the other person, just me. What is the solution?
    Thanks, rp

  • 0
    Morry Zelcovitch

    When set to automatic the app doesn't record calls I initiate, only incoming calls, is there a way to record all calls? I just switched it to manual so I do not know yet if this will help, either way i prefer automatic... Thanks

  • 0
    Leszek Kruszewski

    How can I see name display?

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