The voice on the other side of the call is low

If you are recording a call from your handset, the other end of the call may be recorded at a low volume. If you listen closely you can hear the other side. To improve volume, turn up the volume of your ear piece.

If you want a louder recording of the other end of the conversation, please turn on speaker phone.

Bluetooth and wired headsets may result in poor or no reception of the end of the call.


Development is under way to enhance the volume of the other end of the call. We have some exciting enhancements that will be announced very soon!


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    Fábio Luiz Coelho Bonoldi

    With my MotoX 2013 Android 5.1, after several tweeks in the Parrot Pro configuration menu, I was recording all my phone calls (both sides) successfully. Now I'm using a MotoX Pure Edition (Style) with Android 6.0 and I can't hear the other side of the call. I Tried everything with no success.


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    Gavin Mctavish

    This feature was working beautifully on my Samsung S7 until I received the update to Android 7.0. Now, I cannot hear the other side of phone recordings at all.

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    Fabian santiago

    I'm using a pixel with Oreo / Oct patches and nothing I've tried has picked up the opposite end of a call. Any clues you can offer?

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